Products and Services

IFATTECH provides a full range of designing, installation, maintenance, repairing service, training and consultations to engineering equipment such as:

1. Lift and escalator maintenance.
2. Troubleshooting and repairs.
3. Electric wiring and reprogramming.
4. Providing technical training.
5. Modernization of elevators and escalators and conveyors.


IFat Tech Stats

IFATTECH is intended to be an exclusive agent for many global lifting, elevators and escalators manufacturers in the horn of Africa, our main business activities are to design, distribute, supply, install, repair and test all engineering and technology equipment, including all building transportation systems. We believe that like many of their computerized and motorized counterparts, lifts and elevators require maintenance from time to time which is why IFATTECH delivering this service as a specialized engineering reliable local company to grow this industry.
We understand the need to bring older lifts/elevators into a modern and computerized version.

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IFat Tech

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